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Barbarastraße 15
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Play “Kleine Schritte” (Small Steps) – Fighting Parkinson’s with courage and joie de vivre


Thursday, 9. Mai 2024
Friday, 10. Mai 2024

Start: 8 pm

22,- EUR per person for the benefit of PPP and Parkinson Verbund e.V.


Kornmühle Nordhorn
48529 Nordhorn



The ensemble

For the two Munich-based actresses Petra Wintersteller and Petra Auer, it was a matter close to their hearts to realize this play together with Wolfgang Krebs, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s three years ago.

The play

Ruth asks herself this question. Tired of her everyday life, no longer seen by her husband, discarded as a mother and lonely. So every Thursday she sits at the bus stop and waits for the bus to take her into town. What do you do when you love your life with all your heart, want to live it to the full, but can no longer do so?

Alfons, happily married with two children, has Parkinson’s. He also sits at the bus stop every Thursday – next to Ruth – and waits for the bus.
At first, Ruth is skeptical about him. She can’t assess him, the friendly gentleman with the fixed gaze and trembling hands. Is he an alcoholic, mentally ill or even a drug addict?

After a while, Alfons reveals to her that he has Parkinson’s disease. He tells her about his life with its limitations, his fight against the progression of the disease and his determination to live the best life possible. A friendship quietly develops between the two. Ruth tells Alfons about her feeling of loneliness. And Alfons confides his deepest fears about his illness to Ruth. Both give each other confidence, encourage each other and through Alfons, Ruth realizes that it is never too late to find a new meaning for one’s own existence. In small steps, Alfons and Ruth reclaim their lives and discover how valuable they are.

An encouraging, optimistic and life-affirming play that focuses on Parkinson’s disease. Around 400,000 people in Germany are affected by the disease, and the trend is clearly growing.

With: Petra Auer and Wolfgang Krebs
Director: Petra Wintersteller