PingPongParkinson Deutschland e.V.

Geschäftsstelle und Trainigshalle

Barbarastraße 15
48529 Nordhorn


Info on accreditation – Wed 8.5.2024 / 15.30 EUREGIUM

Changed information on accreditation

Wendsday 8.5.2024
from 15.30

Kreissportzentrum Nordhorn Euregium

Wilhelm-Raabe-Straße 15
48527 Nordhorn

  • Personal accreditation
  • Race number with four safety pins
  • Water voucher
  • Entry wristbands for the PingPongParkinsonPlayers’Party, if booked
  • Meal tickets, if booked
  • Tickets for the play “Kleine Schritte”, if booked
  • Participant shirt
  • Exclusive PingPongParkinson edge band
  • Bag with information material, pens and tissues


Those who have booked lunch but have not yet paid for it, please have the appropriate cash ready.

Wear the accreditation

Please wear your accreditation around your neck when you are not at the table. The German Open is a tournament for us Parkinson’s sufferers. And we want to keep it that way. For this reason, we reserve the right to close off individual areas if too many “third parties” want to enter the halls. As a participant, you can of course go anywhere, but only if you can identify yourself as such.