PingPongParkinson Deutschland e.V.

Geschäftsstelle und Trainigshalle

Barbarastraße 15
48529 Nordhorn




    An international open table tennis tournament exclusively for people with Parkinson's disease.


    PingPongParkinson Deutschland e. V.
    Korbweidenweg 5

    48531 Nordhorn


    Singles Women: 3 classes, Men: 3 classes with up to 60 places each per class Doubles Women: 3 classes, Men: 3 classes with up to 32 Doubles each per class Mixed 3 classes with up to 64 pairs



    Preliminary round in groups of preferably 6 players, each playing against each other. First, second and third place will advance to the main round, the others to the consolation round. The main round and the consolation round will be played in a single-elimination system.

    Doubles and Mixed

    Preliminary round in groups of preferably 4 pairings, each playing against each other. First and second place will advance to the main round, the others to the consolation round. The main round and the consolation round will be played in a single-elimination system.


    Monday, May 06th 2024 (address: Von-Behring-Straße 2, Nordhorn)

    19.30 Training

    Tuesday, May 07th 2024 (address: Barbarastraße 17, Nordhorn)

    11.00 – 15.00 Accreditation, training and meet at PPP

    Wednesday, May 08th 2024 (address: Barbarastraße 17, Nordhorn)

    14.00 – 18.00 Accreditation, training and meet at PPP, afterwards: set up

    Thursday, May 09th 2024 (Venue)

    08.00 Accreditation and training

    09.00 Latest possible arrival

    09.30 Opening ceremony

    10.00 Singles individual preliminary round in groups

    17.15 End of the first matchday

    Friday, May 10th 2024 (Venue)

    10.00 Doubles preliminary round in groups

    13.30 Singles main and consolation round in groups in knockout system, last 32

    15.00 Mixed preliminary round in groups

    17.30 End of the second matchday

    Saturday, May 11th 2024 (Venue)

    10.00 Doubles main and consolation rounds in knockout system, last 16 and 8 respectively

    13.00 Singles main and consolation rounds in knockout system, last 16 and 8 respectively

    16.30 Mixed main and consolation rounds in knockout system, last 16 and 8 respectively

    18.30 End of the third matchday

    19.30 Players’ Party

    Sunday, May 12th 2024 (Venue)

    10.00 Mixed main/consolation round semi-finals

    10.40 Doubles main/consolation round semi-finals

    11.20 Singles main/consolation round semi-finals

    12.00 Singles main round semi-finals

    14.20 Mixed main/consolation round finals

    15.00 Doubles main/consolation round finals

    15.40 Singles main/consolation round finals

    16.30 Award ceremony

    17.30 End of the fourth matchday



    The classification is based on

    1. the personal TTR value (Table Tennis Rating), if available

    2. otherwise according to the decision of the tournament management on the basis of an assessment of the playing strength based on e.g.

      known results

      a survey of the players or others

      The decision on the TTR limits of the individual classes will be made after receipt of the entries on January 21, 2024 in such a way that as many players as possible can participate and as many classes as possible do not exceed the maximum capacity of 60 starters.

      Doubles and Mixed

      For Doubles and Mixed according to the decision of the tournament management on the basis of the playing strength in the form that three numerically approximately equal classes are formed.

  7. VENUE

    Kreissportzentrum Nordhorn Euregium (up to 24 tables) Kreissporthalle 1 (up to 24 tables)

    Wilhelm-Raabe-Str. 15,

    48527 Nordhorn


    80,00 € pro person

    Members of PingPongParkinson Deutschland e. V. pay a reduced entry fee of 70,00 €.

    Entry fee Players’ Party: 75,00 €

    The entry fee covers the cost of the Players’ Party on Saturday evening, incl. food (various salads, antipasti variations, roast beef, chicken breast fillet, vegetable pan, spaetzle, croquettes, vegetable lasagna, peas, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli, “gentlemen’s custard” & mousse au chocolat) and drinks (mineral water, soft drinks, Grafschafter Pils and Kupfer, wine (Chardonnay, Merlot, Rosé), sparkling wine, orange and apple juice, coffee), entertainment and music.

    A limited contingent of max. one accompanying person per player is available for the Players’ Party on a first-serve-first-come basis. If available, additional accompanying persons can attend the Players’ Party on request.

    Payments must only be made after a starting place has been confirmed, but then by January 27, 2024 using the procedures communicated at that time.


    Registrations exclusively via

    A maximum of 60 starting places are available per individual class.

    The first registration period runs until January 19, 2024. The chronological order of receipt of registrations does not play a role in this first registration period. The decisive factor is that the registration is received by 23:59 on January 19, 2024. If there are more entries than capacity in individual classes at this time, the following procedure will be used to allocate starting places:

    The entire starting field is divided up according to four principles:

    1. 20% new players who have not yet participated in a GO and 80% players with GO experience should be able to participate.

    2. 20% foreigners and 80% Germans should participate.

    3. Officials (volunteers) of PPP Germany should receive at least 15% of the places and other persons a maximum of 85 %.

    4. The host base should receive at least 5% of the places.

    If further selection criteria are required, previous medal winners and players with PPP tournament experience will be taken into account, and a draw will be made if necessary.


    From January 22 to 23, 2024, all registered persons will receive an email informing them whether or not they have been allocated a starting place.

    All registration fees must be paid by January 27, otherwise the starting place will be canceled.

    It is expressly pointed out that if you register for all competitions, i.e. Singles, Doubles and Mixed, there may be a high exertion of up to seven matches per day on Friday and Saturday. Without participation in the Mixed, there will be a maximum of five matches per day.

    Starting place reservations "on suspicion" are not welcome! Therefore, in the event of non-participation, the entry fee will only be refunded on presentation of a doctor's certificate of acute illness.

    Free places or places that have become free due to non-payment will be allocated once after January 25 according to the same criteria as described.

  11. DRAW

    The draws will be made in the hall immediately before the start of the competition.

  12. AWARDS

    Medals for the first three places in the main rounds. Honorary prizes for the finalists of the consolation rounds.


    Will be announced at the start of the tournament.


    In some cases, referees are provided by the organizer. However, with 48 tables and four matchdays, it is not possible for the matches to be conducted exclusively by such referees.

    It is therefore necessary for the participants to also act as referees. It can be expected that participants in a German Open will also be able to referee a table tennis match.

    By registering, all participants therefore undertake to referee other players' matches on request. Failure to comply with such a request by the tournament management may result in exclusion from the tournament.


    Three people from different countries, to be appointed at the start of the tournament.


    The tournament is played according to the international table tennis rules. The following modifications apply:

    Serve The referee may relax the requirements for a correct serve if he is convinced that compliance is prevented by a physical handicap or lack of table tennis experience. Furthermore, if the server does not gain an immediate advantage from the incorrect serve, the referee should relax the requirements, even if the serve is incorrect.

    Rallies A player may touch the table with his racket hand or free hand to restore his balance after a stroke has been played and when the table is not moving. The player may not use the table as an additional support to gain an advantage before touching the ball.

    Breaks and interruptions

    The referee may grant a stoppage of play of as short a duration as possible, but no longer than ten minutes, if a player is temporarily incapacitated by an accident or medication-off. If a player requests a longer interruption than 10 minutes, this can only be authorized once per player and tournament day by the called head referee. The head referee will grant a longer break of a maximum of a further 10 minutes.


    Tables: 48, JOOLA 2000-S

    Balls: GEWO Ultra SLP ***


    A canteen will be set up during the tournament.


    Is guaranteed during the tournament.

  20. HOTELS

    See separate list.

  21. NOTES

    The event is subject to the proviso that it may have to be restricted or canceled due to official directives. Participants bear this risk themselves!

    PPP, its members and the participants put a lot of organizational and financial effort into tournaments like this, even though it is not a competitive sport. And that makes sense! On the one hand, the tournaments naturally serve as a meeting place for participants from all over the world. Once you have taken part in a PPP tournament, it's hard to stay away from others – it is simply special…

    On the other hand, these tournaments serve to raise public awareness of Parkinson's disease and make the idea of PingPongParkinson's better known. That is why we advocate the participation of as many players as possible, regardless of their level of table tennis ability! Only if people with Parkinson's show unity will it be possible to reach national media and thus a wider public.

    As part of our public relations work, we will try to get the media into the hall. We cannot guarantee anonymity! On the contrary, we also ask you to approach the matter openly!