PingPongParkinson Deutschland e.V.

Geschäftsstelle und Trainigshalle

Barbarastraße 15
48529 Nordhorn



In order to keep the costs small and manageable, we have made the area of catering optional this time. So everyone can choose freely from the following items according to his wishes and budget. 

In addition to the actual event, food and entertainment will also be provided. The highlight will be the event on Saturday evening. 

In addition to a tasty buffet, you can expect music and dance, as well as one or two surprises.
The cost of participation in this event is € 35.00 per person (excluding drinks).

During the tournament a tournament kiosk will be open, where snacks and drinks will be offered at a reasonable price.
There is also the possibility to book a warm lunch incl. a cold drink for € 10,00 per person and day in advance.