PingPongParkinson Deutschland e.V.

Geschäftsstelle und Trainigshalle

Barbarastraße 15
48529 Nordhorn


The”Wingert Dome”

The Wingert Dome is the venue where the matches of the Bundesliga team (1st division) of ‘TTC OE Bad Homburg 1987’ take place.


Wingert Sporthalle
Seulberger Straße
61352 Ober-Erlenbach

Parking opportunities at the venue.
A shuttle service will be offered from the Rilano hotel in Oberursel to the venue in Bad Homburg and back

Singles / doubles and mixed will be played on 16 tables in three classes over three days.

After the preliminary round matches the main round as well as a consolation round will follow (both: simple knockout system).


Thank you!
We would like to mention the great support offered by the TTC OE Bad Homburg. The TTC OE did not only provide us with the equipment, but they also helped us with the set-up and the organization of the event.